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Innovation and creation are realized with new technology in marine and harbor sectors.

YUJOO Engineering & Construction, founded in 2003, is a general contractor that is based on civil works and holds a number of patents and new techniques for marine structure construction as well as civil works.

Succeeding in commercializing the new construction techniques and patents, we will do our best to expand the business. Still not content with this expansion, all the people of YUJOO will put every effort into developing and commercializing technology in order to be a technology-intensive business that specializes in marine construction.

YUJOO Engineering & Construction


Innovating the Paradigm of Harbor Structure Construction Technology

In this era of the 4th industrial revolution, the techniques to build marine or harbor structures are still those of some 100 years ago. There is an urgent need for such original technology that improves waterfront space and economic efficiency and leads the world harbor construction market.

The Tiecell-Block method ensures the safety of structures and makes it possible to secure waterfront space and reduce construction costs.