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Company history

CI(Corporate Identity)

Both green columns are columns of sustainable development based on green technology, and the middle blue columns represent innovation and creativity. The top blind spot means future-orinented and technology leader of YUJOO.


2003 Feb. YUJOO Construction Co., Ltd. was founded.
  Mar. Obtained the license for civil engineering works.
2004 Nov. Increased the capital (700 million won)
2005 Mar Moved the head office to Gijang-gun, Busan.
2012 Feb. Filed a PCT application on the hookless block method.
2013 Jan. The hookless block method was patented.
  Jun. Registered as a venture business.
    Changed the company name to YUJOO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
  Jul. Registered the R&D Center attached to the company.
2014 Jan. The column interlocking method was patented.
  Apr. The turning wave block method was patented.
2016 Apr. Conducted an R&D project by Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement.
  Apr. Filed a PCT application on the tiecell block method.
2017 Apr. Conducted an R&D project by Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology Promotion.
  Jul. The tiecell block method was patented.
  Aug. The hookless block method was registered as Construction New Technology No. 825.
2018 Jul. Tiecell Caisson was registered as Ocean New Excellent Technology No.1 of 2018 year

| Award Certification: Minister of Land Infrastructure and Transport

| Leading company certification

| Venture company certification

| Company attachment research center certification