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Hookless Block Method

01 Structural Stability

• Unlike the existing method to lift blocks by adhesive power, wire ropes are wound up to lift them.
• Wire ropes with no ends are used – 3 times as stable as the existing way.

/ 3 Dimensional numerical simulation

Simulation Result

Stress Check

02 Workability

• Not required to cut or process the heavy object, wire ropes.
• Not required to install the lifting wire rope boxes.

03 Quality

• Wire ropes become corroded and expanded, causing cracks on the blocks.
• Since any wire rope is not left behind, there is no risk of corrosion.

04 Eco Design

• The lifting wire rope, after used, continues producing rusty water, causing seawater pollution.
• Since no iron is contained, rusty water is not formed, preventing seawater pollution.

05 Economic Efficiency

• Lifting wire ropes, after used, are left behind and disused, increasing the cost
• Lifting wire ropes, after used, are reused more than 100 times in lifting blocks.

06 Corrective Maintenance

• If it is required to lift blocks again after a certain period of time, a wire rope is inserted through the penetrating tube and lifts the block.