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Turning Wave Blocks

01 Performance Principles

• Wave energy is turned by 180⁰ to collide with the next wave, so reducing the impact on the structure.
• Wave energy is absorbed inside the blocks, decreasing the amount of overtopping.
• Vertical wall-typed blocks make sand and riprap eroded, while turning wave blocks let them deposited, preventing structure collapse or erosion.
• The blocks have a flat upper side that can be utilized as waterfront activity space.
• They are more effective than tetrapods in reducing overtopping and can be installed low, allowing a good coastal view.

02 Performance Improvement

• In hydraulic model test, the block was some 10 times as effective as the sloping breakwater, TTP (tetrapod), in reducing overtopping.
• Its effects of decreasing impact and preventing scouring were higher, compared to the vertical wall block.

/ The Amount of Overtopping Reduced
/ Scouring & Erosion Prevention

03 Structural Stability

• Unlike the existing method to lift blocks by adhesive power, wire ropes are wound up to lift them.
• Wire ropes with no ends are used – 3 times as stable as the existing way.

/ Numerical analysis of unit block

04 Economic Efficiency

• Large numbers of TTPs are required, which is uneconomical.
• The blocks, if combined with the column interlocking method, ensure higher structural stability and reduce construction costs by more than 20%.

/ Reduced Blocks and Space, Ensuring Economic Efficiency
/ Economical Shore Protection with Turning Wave Blocks

05 Scenery

• Tetrapods (TTPs) are piled up all across the country, destroying the coastal landscape.
• The seaside can be born again as scenic waterfront space.
• It is possible to create safe and easily accessible seaside areas.

/ Coastal Environment Improvement
/ Acquisition of Waterfront Space
/ Creation of Beautiful Seaside

06 Eco-Friendly Design

• It is really difficult to clean up the trash put between TTPs.
• Turning wave blocks don’t allow trash to be piled up.
• They prevent waste material from giving out offensive smell and decaying.

/ Easy to Clean up Marine Litter
/ Artificial Fishing Reefs
/ Establishment of Eco Tourism Infrastructure